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The Hermitage School

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Forest School

Forest School

As part of our commitment to providing quality educational experiences, The Hermitage School is proud to offer pupils the chance to participate in Forest School sessions. 

During Forest School, challenging outdoor experiences promote the development of the key skills of communication, problem solving and decision making which have value across a range of occupations. They encourage a positive "opting in" and "can do" attitude. Children’s horizons are broadened, new challenges come to be relished and perseverance and determination are reinforced. Skills such as emotional growth, self-esteem, confidence and independence are nurtured and the woodland environment gives learners time and space to be by themselves, find peace and communicate with others. Risk is experienced by children in a managed way, teaching them about the importance of risk awareness and risk management – not risk avoidance.

Each cohort of Forest School children will be with Mr Cook once a week for 1 whole term, in the Forest School area, the school, and the surrounding environs and the sessions will be tailored to the learning needs of each group. In this way The Hermitage provides Forest School education which is in line with the 6 key principles of the Forest School ethos.

Every child will be given the opportunity to attend Forest School sessions during their time at The Hermitage School. Class teachers select the children they feel will most benefit from the teaching each term and put forwards their names to the Forest School Leader.

Mr Cook is our Forest School Leader and he would love to hear from you if you feel you may be able to volunteer to help out in Forest School sessions.