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The Hermitage School

Inspire, Learn, Achieve


The benefits of our before and after school clubs

Clubs, classes and creative sessions provide fun ways for our children to play, learn new skills and gain fresh experiences. Many activities are organised by the school with some through outside agencies (who will provide details of timetabling and costs independently). Activities will vary from term to term. Children are expected to join and maintain their interest rather than attending on a casual basis.

 School clubs offer great developmental benefits that will help your children academically and socially. School clubs will help to develop sociable, happier and confident children by:

  • Mixing with existing friends in a new environment helps children learn to share and appreciate each other’s talents and abilities.
  • Engaging with new friends and being in a productive environment helps strengthen confidence and independence.
  • Developing and succeeding in new activities helps build character and enhance strong leadership skills.
  • After-school activities can play a huge part in supporting academic learning. If your child is learning something new this can often directly or indirectly boost their interest and understanding of a school subject.
  • Realising they’re good at something boosts a child’s enthusiasm and confidence in the classroom.

Professionally run after school PE and sports clubs

The school has a sports Coach, Coach Jones, who is a qualified sports educator.

Whilst PE forms an important part of the curriculum, we would encourage children to participate in after school clubs, given all the advantages that cardiovascular exercise offers, including:

  • Strengthens and develops the heart and lungs
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Helps to control weight
  • Improves energy levels
  • Enhances emotional well being
  • Improves concentration